Philstar and PDI feature NCF Hotel Nihongo Course

Philstar and PDI feature NCF Hotel Nihongo Course

The Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer, two of the country’s leading broadsheet newspapers, recently featured NCF’s Hotel Nihongo Course on January 18 and on January 22 respectively.

The special course, which was headed by NCF Academic Adviser, Kenjiro Ogata-sensei, trained 10 selected graduates of hospitality-related courses from the Lyceum of the Philippines (LPU)-Manila on Japanese language used in hotel operations. The students started as absolute beginners and attended the intensive classes that totaled 600 hours. Their training covered writing, reading, speaking, and listening and special training for business/polite Japanese.

Both write-ups included the names of the Lyceum students who will soon leave for Japan to start their employment in the Japanese hotel industry.

For more details about the course, please read our full article here.





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