Japan Prime Minister’s Wife Yuko Kishida visits NCF

Last November 4, 2023, the wife of Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Mrs. Yuko Kishida, visited the Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc. (NCF) office in Makati as part of her and the Prime Minister’s two-day visit to the Philippines. 

Upon Mrs. Kishida’s arrival at the office, she was greeted and welcomed by Mr. Francis C. Laurel, Chairman of NCF, along with the other NCF officials, Mr. Philip B. Sanvictores, President; and Mr. Kenjiro Ogata, Academic Advisor.

Mrs. Kishida (left) together with the wife of Japan Ambassador to the Philippines Kazuhiko Koshikawa, Mrs. Yuko Koshikawa (right), sat in class with six NCF students taking up Intermediate Level Japanese who conversed with the two in an engaging exchange. Mrs. Kishida wished the students luck in their future pursuits and urged them to continue with their Japanese language education.

She also had a discussion with a few nurse and care worker candidates under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), talking about the candidates’ struggles in their undertaking of nursing and caregiving as well as their aspirations as nurses and care workers, among others. Mrs. Kishida shared her hopes for them saying, “To be able to support the people, nurses and care workers are essential […] I hope you enjoy your life in Japan.” After their Japanese language training, the nurses and care worker candidates intend to work in Japanese medical and care facilities in various parts of Japan.

Reference: https://nihongocenter.com.ph/2023/11/japan-prime-ministers-wife-yuko-kishida-visits-ncf/

The 13th Japanese-Language Training Program for Nurses and Certified Care Workers Opens 3 March 2021

The 13th Preparatory Japanese-Language Training for the Filipino Candidates Nurses and Certified Care Workers under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) began last 3 March 2021 in opening ceremonies held online.  239 provisional candidates were accepted under the Program out of which 14 were nurses and 225 were certified care workers.  The JPEPA requires all candidates to undergo a 6-month intensive training on Japanese language basics, which for the first time will be conducted online.

During the virtual opening ceremony held last March 3, 2021, Mr. Tsutomu “Ben” Suzuki, Director of The Japan Foundation, Manila stressed that the objectives of the training are: (1) to gain basic knowledge and usage of Japanese Language; (2) to acquire vocabularies and learn expressions used in nursing and care-giving; (3) to learn about general life culture of Japan. The program also aims to acquire the habit of self-training to enhance their study of the Japanese Language.  Ambassador Koshikawa Kazuhiko of Japan, Atty. Bernard Olalia – Administrator, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and Mr. Philip Sanvictores, President of Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc. delivered inspirational messages.

Mr. Sanvictores imparted some insights to the candidate-trainees: “Nihongo will be your key to a fulfilling and productive stay in Japan. Language will be the foundation underneath heart-to-heart relationships which in essence defines the true meaning behind Philippines-Japan relations. Learning Nihongo will require hard work, concentration, seriousness, even passion. Acquiring fluency in Japanese – and any foreign language for that matter – will take much time.”

The trainees’ pre-deployment Nihongo training in the Philippines will continue for another six months upon their arrival in Japan, before they are assigned to their respective hospitals and caregiving institutions there.


Opening Ceremony Program

Speech of Mr. Tsutomu Suzuki

Speech of Amb. Kazuhiko Koshikawa

Speech of Atty. Bernard Olalia

Speech of Mr. Philip B. Sanvictores


Financial Incentive for July 2020 JLPT Passers

PILJC and NCF students taking the JLPT (N1・N2・N3・N4) on July 5, 2020 can receive a registration fee rebate upon passing the test. Those who are currently enrolled or have finished a course in 2020 are eligible for this financial incentive.

Interested students are requested to submit their exam voucher by July 3, 2020. A check equal to the registration fee paid will be issued by NCF within a month after receiving the student’s score report and certificate.

For complete details on how you can avail of the financial incentive, please read the mechanics below or you may also contact NCF or PIJLC branches.

PJFF Awards Long-term Employees in 2019 Christmas Party

The holiday spirit came early for PJFF staff as they celebrated their Christmas party on November 30, 2019 at the PJFF office in Makati. Two other affiliate organizations—Nihongo Center Foundation (NCF) and The Philippine Institute of Japanese Language & Culture Foundation, Inc. (PIJLC) also joined the event.

One of the highlights of this year’s party was the awarding of certificates to long-term employees of PJFF, NCF/PIJLC. The service awardees:

  • Amelita Alejandro, Head Accountant, PJFF – 10 years
  • Glenda Ferma, Administrator, PJFF – 27 years
  • Jovita Sancho, Full-time Nihongo Teacher, NCF/PIJLC – 11 years
  • Ma. Lynn Canlas, Building Supervisor, PJFF – 11 years
  • Ronilo Dincol, Maintanance Staff, PJFF – 12 years

The staff enjoyed games, a raffle draw, and intermission numbers in between the awarding of certificates. They also exchanged Christmas gifts during the event.


EPA Batch 12 Starts Japanese Language Training

In an Opening Ceremony held last November 7, 2019, NCF welcomed its 12th batch of students for the Preparatory Nihongo Training Program for Filipino Nurse and Certified Care Worker Candidates under the Philippines-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The 12th batch has accepted 329 candidates, 139 are training at the NCF Manila branch and 190 are attending lessons at the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in Taguig City.

Mr. Hiroaki Uesugi, Director, The Japan Foundation, Manila, led the opening remarks followed by messages from Honorable Guests including Mr. Manabu Yasukawa, First Secretary, Labour Attaché, Embassy of Japan; Mr. Virgilio Carreon, OIC-Director IV, Welfare and Employment Office, POEA; and Mr. Kenjiro Ogata, Academic Advisor, Nihongo Center Foundation.

“Many people can go and work in Japan, but not all will have the same privileges as what you will be availing through this program under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement or JPEPA. I hope that you are all prepared and excited on this new challenge. Learning a new language is certainly not an easy task, but it may reward you with more possibilities ahead,” explained Mr. Yasukawa. 

Ogata-sensei also reminded the students how important being able to speak Japanese is when it comes to their success in Japan. He explained, “Here in the Philippines English is being used as a tool of communication together with Filipino languages. However, in Japan we do not use English as a tool of daily communication. Although we study English in school, we use Japanese in everyday life. So, if you cannot communicate in Japanese, you would have a very hard time working in Japan as nurse or care worker because you have to communicate with your Japanese patients and colleagues in their language: Japanese. The Japanese language or Nihongo will make or break your life in Japan.”

Representing her batchmates, Ms. Edith Inay also gave a message during the Opening Ceremony. She cheered on every one by saying, “let us help one another, let us motivate and inspire each other, let’s be kind, humble and smart. Let’s have faith and pray. Let’s obey and respect the rules. Let’s be patient and hardworking. Let us strengthen each other. And never forget to take care of ourselves.”

The candidates will go through a 6-month, intensive preparatory program that not only focuses on Japanese language but also educates them on Japanese culture, society, customs and manners, and general life in Japan. After their training, they will continue for another 6 months in a school in Japan before being deployed to their respective hospitals and healthcare institutions. 


Event Program

Message from Mr. Manabu Yasukawa

Message from Mr. Virgilio Carreon 1 2

Message from Mr. Kenjiro Ogata

Message from Ms. Edith Pagasartonga Inay

Message from Mr. Josef Carlo Orillo

Opening Remarks by Mr. Hiroaki Uesugi

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