Six Filipinos Participate in 2015 NIYE Japan Exchange Program (Oct 20-28, 2015)

NIYE 2015 Write up for PHILFEJA

The NIYE (National Institution for Youth Education) Junior Program invites students from ASEAN countries to visit Japan with the aim to deepen mutual understanding and broaden view of the youth and foster the next generation of leaders.  The Program is held annually at the start of autumn in late October.

The Program provides delegates the opportunity to learn more about Japan and its people, as well as their fellow delegates from other ASEAN countries. The students engage in various activities such as school visitation, courtesy calls on the City Mayor and some government offices, as well as a few days of “homestay” with Japanese families.

Chosen by the Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA), the six members of the Philippine Delegation to the 2015 NIYE Program are:

Name School
Alfonso A. Ballesteros (Hikki) Espiritu Santo Parochial School
Mayumi Kara M. Buot (Mayumi) South Hill School, Inc.
Stefhanelle Jeanne Marie A. Laurel (Stefhie) De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
Regina Coeli C. Legaspi (Rina) International British Academy
Joshue Markees R. Malamug (Markees) St. Mary’s College Quezon City
Nelson Matthew P. Tan (Matti) Ateneo De Manila High School

They will be attended to by Mrs. Bernadette S. Hieida, Asst. Professorial Lecturer of Del La Salle University Manila.


Pre-departure preparations:

Despite their busy schedules, the students were personally involved in the preparation for the program. Each student designed his/her own brochure page, contributed in developing the choreography for a traditional Filipino dance and wrote a script for a mini play, which they will be present during the Program.

Stefhie designed the cover page of the brochure, while Rina designed the badge for the official NIYE jacket of the Philippine group.

Japanese language lessons and culture-related lectures were also conducted to equip the students with basic information of Japan.


2015 Junior High School Students in ASEAN Member Countries for Youth Exchange Program

October 20 (Tue) Arrival at Chubu Centrair International Airport
Arrival at National Norikura Youth Friendship Center
October 21 (Wed) Courtesy Call at Takayama City Hall
Field Trip to Sirakawago
Culture Lesson: History of Takayama City
October 22 (Thu) School Visit
Brainstorming for the Tokyo Report
October 23 (Fri) Sorano Apple Orchard Visit
Authentic Japanese Native Food Cooking Demo
Takayama City Field trip
October 24 (Sat) Interactive discussion with Japanese Students
Meeting the host family
October 25 (Sun) Culture Lesson: Lifestyle in Japan
Preparation for the Tokyo Report
October26 (Mon) Fieldtrip to Shin Hotaka Ropeway
Preparation for the Tokyo Report
October 27 (Tue) Summary of training
Making of flower rice cake
Final Preparation for the Tokyo Report
Farewell Party with Host Family
October 28 (Wed) Leave for Tokyo
Courtesy Call – Philippine Embassy in Tokyo
Arrival at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
Cultural Party with all delegates
October 29 (Thu) Final presentation of each delegation
City Tour
October 30 (Fri) Departure for Manila

21ST ASCOJA Conference Featured In Philippine Media


JUGAS Celebrates 45th Year on Sept 5, 2015

The Japan University Graduates Association of Singapore (JUGAS) celebrates its 45th Foundation Anniversary with a series of activities and programs culminating in a Gala Dinner to be held on September 5, 2015 at the Concorde Hotel in Singapore. The Guest of Honor will be none other than the Immediate-Past Prime Minister of Singapore and Emeritus Senior Minister GOH CHOK TONG.

JUGAS President TAN KAY GUAN who leads the celebration festivities has extended invitations to all ASCOJA Governors, including PHILFEJA President Philip B. Sanvictores. In an email to MR. JIMMY NG, JUGAS Honorary Secretary, Mr. Sanvictores has accepted the invitation of JUGAS for him and his wife Mrs. Patricia Maribel Sanvictores to attend the Gala Dinner in his concurrent capacity as President of PHILFEJA and Chairman of ASCOJA.

15th PHILFEJA General Assembly (June 20, 2015)

The 15th Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) General Members Assembly was held at the Philippines-Japan Friendship Hall last June 20, 2015. It was  attended by members of the five PHILFEJA Chapter Associations namely:

      1. Association of Philippine Private Alumni of Japanese Universities (APPAJU)
      2. JICA Alumni Association of the Philippines (JAAP)
      3. Philippine Association of Japanese Government Scholars (PHILAJAMES)
      4. Philippine Cultural and Technical Association of Returned Overseas Scholars (PHILCULTAROS)
      5. Samahan ng mga Pilipinong Nag-Aral at Nanirahan sa Nippon (SAPILNIP)

PHILFEJA attends 30th ASJA Board Meeting (Mar 27, 2015)

The 30th Meeting of the Board of Directors of Asia Japan Alumni (ASJA) International was held on March 27, 2015 at the 43rd Floor, Moonlight Suite, Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo. PHILFEJA was represented by its President, MR. PHILIP B. SANVICTORES, who serves as the ex-officio Director for the Philippines in the ASJA Board. In 2014, Mr. Sanvictores served as the Acting Chairman of the ASJA Board representing the late BENJAMIN C. LAUREL, who was then the incumbent ASJA Chairman but was unable to attend due to his failing health.

The Directors in attendance were:

  • SI SI SHIEN – ASJA Chairman; Director for Mynamar
  • TAKASHI TAJIMA – Director for Japan
  • TINEKE MANDANG – Director for Indonesia
  • OOK CHEE KEONG – Director for Malaysia
  • PHILIP B. SANVICTORES – Director for the Philippines
  • TAN KAY GUAN – Director for Singapore
  • SAMRAN CHOODUANGERN – Director for Thailand
  • VUTHY MONYRATH – Director for Cambodia
  • NGO MINH THUY – Director for Vietnam
  • BOUASONE VONTHAPHONG – Director for Laos
  • CHIN WEI KEI – Director for Brunei


Also in attendance were:

  • SALENA GOH BEI HONG – wife of Dr. Ooi Chee Keong
  • PATRICIA MARIBEL C. SANVICTORES – wife of Mr. Philip B. Sanvictores
  • MA. ELENA LAUREL-LOINAZ – Project Manager, 21st ASCOJA Conference
  • GLENDA T. FERMA – Deputy Project Manager, 21st ASCOJA Conference
  • YEE JEN EN – Vice-President, JUGAS
  • SURAWUT CHUANGCHOTE – Director for External Affairs, OJSAT
  • MO MO SAN – Secretary-General, MAJA
  • SAN SAN LUIN – Deputy Secretary-General, MAJA
  • MYO KIHN – Vice-President, MAJA
  • MON SU – Vice-President, MAJA
  • TON TON TEH – Member, MAJA
  • PHAN THRUN GIAN – Secretary-General, JAV
  • GUEN FEN THIAN – Deputy Secretary-General, JAV
  • TAN THUY KIM THUEN – Committee Member, JAV


Other attendees were:

  • SHINADA, Director – MOFA


ASJA International Secretariat members in attendance were:

  • JIRO SATO – Secretary-General, ASJA International
  • IWAMOTO – Editor, ASJA International
  • CHIKAKO HAGIHARA – ASJA International Secretariat
  • FURUTA – ASJA International Secretariat
  • ARIMA – ASJA International Secretariat


In total, there were 38 participants in the 30th ASJA International Board Meeting.


The Schedule for the 2-day affair was as follows:

March 26, 2015 (Thursday)

13:00:    Assembly of ASJA Directors at Moonlight Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel

13:15:    Briefing for the Program by ASJA International

14:00:    Departure from Keio Plaza Hotel for Diet Members Office, Building No. 1

15:00:    Round Table Conference with Diet Members

16:00:    Tour of the National Diet Main Building

17:00:    Return to Keio Plaza Hotel

18:30:    Welcome Dinner hosted by ASJA Secretary-General Mr. Jiro Sato; Comet Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel


March 27, 2015 (Friday)

09:00:    ASJA International Board Meeting, Moonlight Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel

12:00:    Lunch, Moonlight Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel

14:00:    ASCOJA Governors Meeting, Moonlight Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel

16:30:    ASJA International Graduates Presentation and Completion Ceremony, Comet Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel

18:30:    Dinner Reception, ASJA International, Starlight Room, 43rd Floor, Keio Plaza Hotel



  1. Proposed Budget for FY2015
    • Plans for FY2015
      • Scholars Intake – 18 graduate students, 5 undergraduate students
      • Total current scholars – 30 students
      • Plans and Programs
        1. Orientation for new scholars
        2. Cultural exchange and networking
        3. Homestay
        4. Sociocultural exposure
        5. Commencement exercises
        6. Research reports
        7. ASJA Newsletter and Homepage
      • ASJA Annual Board of Directors meeting in March 2016
      • Participation in the 21st ASCOJA Conference in the Philippines
      • Assistance for Strengthening the ASCOJA Network
        1. Online Communication Platform
        2. ASCOJA Symposia on Labor and Business
  1. FY2015 Budget
    • Proposed Budget – JPY46,625,000 vs JPY64,869,000 (FY2014)
    • Breakdown of FY2015 Budget
      • Assistance for ASJA Scholars – JPY8,958,471
      • Assistance for ASCOJA / Alumni associations – JPY5,575,970
      • Strengthening ASCOJA Network – JPY27,476,950
      • ASJA Secretariat – JPY20,197,371
      • Audit fee – JPY660,000
      • Total – JPY62,868,762
      • Government Proposal – JPY46,625,000
  1. List of Scholars Accepted for FY2015
    • Indonesia – 2 scholars
    • Malaysia – 2 scholars
    • Philippines – 2 scholars
    • Singapore – 3 scholars
    • Thailand – 2 scholars
    • Myanmar – 3 scholars
    • Cambodia – 3 scholars
    • Vietnam – 2 scholars
    • Laos – 3 scholars
    • Brunei – 1 scholar
  2. Report on ASJA Activities in 2014
    • April 25-26, 2014: Orientation for new ASJA-MEXT Scholars
    • May 9, 2014: Welcome party for new scholars
    • August 1-5, 2014: Tochigi-Ken Homestay
    • August 7-11, 2014: Shizuoka-Ken Homestay
    • August 29-31, 2014: Interaction with Japanese University Students
    • September 2-5, 2014: Fukuoka-Ken Volunteer Work
    • September 9, 2014: Lecture on International Understanding
    • September 27, 2014: ASEAN Festival
    • November 1, 2014: Workshop on Research of Experiences in Japanese Life
    • November 2, 2014: Experiencing Japan Culture
    • November 2, 2014: Orientation for new ASJA-MEXT Scholars (October Intake)
    • December 4-7, 2014: Kyoto Workshop on Life in Japan
    • January 23-25, 2015: ASJA-ASCOJA Consultative Meeting on the 21st ASCOJA Conference and the Proposed ASCOJA Online Communication Platform
    • February 5-6, 2015: Tour of Industrial Japan
    • February 27, 2015: Lecture on International Understanding
    • March 6-8, 2015: Cultural Interaction
    • March 15, 2015: Experiencing Japan Culture
    • March 27, 2015: Commencement Exercises; ASJA Directors Meeting
  3. Guidelines for Selection and Acceptance of Research Students
    • Candidates must understand the purposes of ASJA and commit to participate in its activities and programs
    • In principle, must desire to continue studies towards a masteral degree
    • Study in a school in Tokyo or its suburbs and cities nearby
    • In principle, start in April
    • Undergo 6-months Nihongo Training at the Tokyo Japanese Language Training Center prior to starting work on graduate studies
  4. ASCOJA Online Communication Platform
    • Factors behind the establishment of the ASCOJA Online Platform to be developed and administered by ASJA
    • ASCOJA participation in the development of the platform
    • ASCOJA Committee on the Online Platform Development and Contribution of Content – PHILFEJA, PERSADA, JAGAM, OJSAT, JAV.
  5. ASJA-ASCOJA Symposia Series for FY2015
    • Topics will generally be on Labor and Business Flows
    • Frequency – once every three months; i.e., quarterly
    • Venue – in different ASCOJA countries
    • Budget coverage – travel expenses of participants (1-2 persons per country), venue rental, travel expenses of symposium speaker-expert (1 person per symposium), lecture costs, documentation and report costs
  6. Matters for Decision by the Board of Directors
    • Election of new ASJA Chairman
    • Minutes of the 29th ASJA International Minutes of Meeting
  7. Other matters
    • ASCOJA to conduct pre-departure orientation for all ASJA-MEXT scholars
    • ASJA-MEXT Scholars required to attend the Welcome Party and Orientation to be held on April 25-26 in Tokyo
    • ASJA-MEXT Scholars staying outside Tokyo to bear all transport and lodging expenses to be incurred in attending ASJA Activities
    • Contact details (email address, mobile phone, etc.) to be provided ASJA
    • Students to allow ASJA to use personal information submitted to and provided the MEXT for their respective applications for scholarship

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