NIYE Junior Program 2015 (Nov 8, 2015)

NIYE Junior Program 2015 (Nov 8, 2015)

By Mrs. Bernadette Hieida, Delegation Advisor-Attendant

I always believe that EXPERIENCE is the BEST TEACHER!

Today’s generation is blessed, especially these six high school students who represented the Philippines in the NIYE Junior Program 2015.


We had a very busy 10-day schedule to maximize the objective of the program which is to foster future leaders of Japan and respective countries in ASEAN. The journey was not easy.   Waking up at 6am (or earlier) was a challenge everyday with an average temperature of 8°C.  Our day would usually end at 10pm. We had to think and move fast. We are grateful for all the activities prepared for us because they combined pleasure and education, with a twist of something new. I’ve been an attendant or faculty adviser of different exchange programs and the learning never ends. We expected something but our experience was extraordinary. We started with some frustrations but came back home fulfilled and better Filipinos.

 Please enjoy the journey of each student in this program by clicking on this link.


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