July 2023 JLPT Successfully Ended

The first Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for 2023 was held successfully last July 2 at the De La Salle University – Manila Campus. 3,457 out of 4,125 examinees took the test, which was a 15% increase on the turnout number of examinees compared to the December 2022 JLPT. Almost all examinees were able to complete the test, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Foundation (PJFF) staff, as well as the cooperation of the Proctors and Secretariat members, and support from our partner, the De La Salle University – Manila Campus (DLSU). 

In order to prepare for the test, all proctors were requested to attend the Proctors’ Orientation on Saturday, July 1. The orientation started with a welcome speech from the administrator of PJFF, Ms. Glenda Ferma. She gave a motivating speech to all the proctors, highlighted as follows: 

“This July 2, 2023 JLPT in Manila is HISTORY in the making.  WHY?  For the very first time since the JLPT was administered in the Philippines more than 30 years ago, the test will be administered by an All-Filipino TEAM. For the first time, no Japanese staff from the Japan Foundation Manila will assist in the management of the Test, from the preparation and sorting of test papers by level, to the assigning of classrooms and selection of proctors, and all the minutest details of conducting the Test tomorrow, the day of the exam.  This is another test of fire for all of us – Filipinos!”

The above imparted that we, as an all Filipino team, must do our part in ensuring that we serve our fellow Filipinos as well as to continue to promote friendly ties between the Philippines and Japan.

Emboldened and motivated, during the orientation, the proctors were very attentive. Many were seen taking notes. Others were asking thoughtful questions. All of them were actively participating and listening to the orientation. Whether the proctor was new or experienced, they did not hesitate to ask questions. Their efforts in understanding the JLPT procedures has contributed greatly in helping PJFF conduct the test successfully.

Apart from that, the DLSU also prepared a safety orientation in case an emergency arises on the test day itself. Given that the Philippines is vulnerable to natural disasters, the DLSU administrators also raised the need to be prepared for any situation. After the orientation, the proctors were given their room assignments and paired with their assistants to prepare their room for the test day. That marked the end of the orientation day. 

On July 2, the actual test date, examinees were seen lining up the gates of DLSU as early as 8:00 a.m. Proctors and secretariat members were seen running around and making sure that their assigned rooms and materials were prepared. There was some tension. However, more than that, there was also that sense of determination coming from everyone to make sure that this JLPT would be a successful one. 

During the test, the administrative team kept track of everything and responded to all concerns. The proctors and secretariats were proactive and ensured that their assigned duties were carried out. DLSU was very attentive as well regarding the safety and security of everyone involved. The team was even concerned as to the temperature throughout the day and allowed the examinees to enter their assigned rooms early. Through everyone’s effort, the JLPT started and ended with no major concerns. The PJFF would like to thank all the proctors, secretariats, and DLSU staff for making this JLPT a successful one.

For many examinees, the JLPT is not just a simple proficiency test. It can be a big step for reaching their dreams. As such, the Philippines-Japan Friendship Foundation is committed to providing quality service for everyone who will take the JLPT in Manila Test Site. We will continuously strive to deliver the best of our services in the years to come.