2015 Calendar of Activities

Date Activity/Event Organization Time Venue
9-Jan ASCOJA 2015 Working Team Meeting PHILFEJA 10:00 PJS Board Room
12-Jan PHILFEJA Board Meeting PHILFEJA 18:30 PJS Board Room
24-Jan ASCOJA-ASJA Consultative Meeting PHILFEJA 9:00 AIM Conference Center
24-Jan 2015 PHILFEJA Shinnen Kai PHILFEJA 18:30 PJS Friendship Hall
5-Feb JCCI Mission / Philippines-Japan Economic Dialogue PHILJEC 12:00 Shangri-La Makati
9-Feb PHILFEJA Board Meeting PHILFEJA 18:30 PJS Board Room
20-Feb ASCOJA 2015 Working Team Meeting PHILFEJA 14:00 PJS Board Room
23-Feb Philippine Infrastructure Development  Seminar hosted by  The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) participated by PHILJEC 9:00 New World Makati  Hotel, Manila
4-Mar 37th Philippines-Japan Society Friendship Golf Tournament PJS 5:30 Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club
17-Mar Asian Leaders Business Summit 2015 hosted by the Asia Leaders Association  participated by PHILJEC TBA Prince Park Tower,  Tokyo, Japan
26-Mar Toshiba Youth Camp PHILFEJA 17:30 National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (Yoyogi, Tokyo)
27-Mar 29th ASJA Board Meeting PHILFEJA 9:00 Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo
27-Mar ASCOJA Board Meeting PHILFEJA 14:00 Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo
28-Mar JAPI Youth Summit PHILFEJA 13:30 Toyo University (Hakusan Campus)
30-Mar 33rd Joint Meeting of the Economic Cooperation Committees of the Philippines (PHILJEC) and Japan (JPECC) – hosted by JPECC PHILJEC 9:00 – 17:00 Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
30-Mar Dinner hosted by JPECC PHILJEC 18:00 Meiji Kinenkan, Moto-Akasaka, Tokyo
31-Mar PHILJEC Courtesy Call on Keidanren PHILJEC 10:30 Keidanren Kaikan, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
31-Mar PJS Courtesy Call on Amb. Makoto Katsura PJS 14:30 Marubeni Headquarters, Tokyo
31-Mar Meeting with Keizai Douyuukai PHILJEC 16:30 Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
6-Apr PHILFEJA Board Meeting PHILFEJA 18:00 PJS Board Room
12-13-Jul Asia Business Summit PHILJEC Whole Day c/o Keidanren
24-Jul Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebration Awards Night PJS 18:30 Solaire
2-4 Oct 21st ASCOJA Conference PHILJEC/ASCOJA Dusit Thani Manila

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