Christmas is the most awaited and celebrated time of the year, the period to acknowledge and thank God for giving us His Son Jesus Christ for the Salvation of those who would believe as in John 3:16 (The Bible).

As anticipated everyone are all set to showcase their talents in a party themed A Christmas Carol Karaoke night at President Jose P. Laurel Hall 4/F in PJF Bldg., on Friday 18th December 2015 from 6PM onwards.

Every Candidate and NCF Staff displayed their inventiveness by presenting themselves wearing decorated and colourful Christmas attire in Red, White or Green.

The host, Mr. Josef Orillo encouraged everyone to participate in the games, singing, dancing, exchanging of gifts, to have a fantastic time and announced that dinner is served so everyone could enjoy sumptuous mixed of Oriental favourite meal and juices as a treat before we start the program.

Ms. Maria Lynn Canlas, Building Administrator opened the party with a thanksgiving prayer and Mr. Kenjiro Ogata, Head Lecturer welcomed everyone, and officially started the party.

The party began with 6 Christmas Carol Karaoke Presentations from each class, choices of music are: Kisyuugumi Videoke Carol (Class 1), 12 Days of Nihongo Benkyoushimasu (Class 2), Star ng Pasko (Class 3), I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Class 4), Thank you for the Love & Merry Christrmas Happy Holidays Medley (Class 5) and Merry Christmas Dance Carol (Class 6). Judges were Mr. Kenjiro Ogata, Head Lecturer; Ms. Glenda Toral-Ferma, Deputy Adminitrator and Ms. Betty Mojica, Lecturer, Japanese Culture and Society with the following criteria for judging: Mastery and Timing, Choreography & Unity, Costume & Props and Christmas Relevance, such had made every presenters excitingly challenged. Every candidate performed with their all, and as a result every audience and judges were astonished! They are indeed handpicked.

Games made the night filled with fun and happiness too, we relayed messages via facial expressions, painted real life portraits of Christmas stories and played the stone, paper, and scissor twenty to share match.

The highlight of the evening is the exchanging of Christmas gifts with a twist – laughter, shouting, dancing and rejoicing  filled the room as we pass along gifts to the left, right, across, behind as instructed to the beat of  Hillsong’s  We Have A Saviour Born Is The King ‘It’s Christmas’ this activity was amazingly crazy and F.U.N. as per Mr. Ogata!

There were prizes aplenty as sponsored by NCF Management and Mr. Ogata were given away for the game winners and Presentation’s top 3 winners, as announced by Deputy Administrator Ms. Glenda Toral-Ferma. Winners came forward as called, they were: Class 3-3rd Placer, Class 4-2nd Placer and Class 2-Grand Winners who really made their presentation unique, personalized and relevant.

A planner with a character pen was also distributed as NCF’s token of appreciation, for each Administrators, Lecturers, Workforce and Candidates who are part of this enormous and triumphant year.

The party concluded as each of us observed a moment of stillness with a prayer thanking the Lord Jesus Christ the reason for the season, undeniably.


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