PHILJEC Welcomes New Members and Board of Trustees in an Afternoon Get-Together

The new Board of Trustees and members of PHILJEC were welcomed by the organization during an afternoon get-together on August 15, 2019 in Makati City. The casual event provided a relaxed environment for the members to mingle and talk about the different activities and goals of the organization. These activities include the upcoming 45th ASEAN Japan Business Meeting (AJBM)  to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2020 and the 38th PHILJEC-JPECC Joint Meeting in 2020.

Based on the positive feedback from members and the success of the mini-gathering, PHILJEC plans to host more similar casual gatherings in the future for its members. 

The current PHILJEC Board of Trustees are:

 Gerard B. Sanvictores                                            Chairman
Edwin L. Umali                                                  Co-Chairman
Richard Albert I. Osmond                               Co-Chairman
JJ Samuel A. Soriano                               Secretary-General
Ferdinand A. Ferrer                                                Treasurer
Atty. Jose Vicente E. Jimenez, Jr.       Assistant Secretary
Ma. Elena L. Loinaz                              Assistant Treasurer
Glenda T. Ferma                                                 Coordinator


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