ASCOJA Governors to meet in Manila in January 2015 (Dec 11, 2014)

The ASCOJA Board of Governors will hold a special meeting in Manila on January 24, 2015 at the AIM Conference Center.  This meeting is being called by PHILFEJA President Philip Sanvictores, concurrently ASCOJA Chairman, in order to discuss the proposed joint ASCOJA-ASJA Project to Develop an Online Communication Platform envisioned to ease inter-chapter communication, while promoting intercultural and people-to-people interaction among especially among young ASEAN nationals and Japanese.  The meeting will also tackle various matters concerning the 21st ASCOJA Conference which is being organized by PHILFEJA and will be held in Manila in September or October 2015.

Governors from all ASCOJA Chapters are expected to attend the meeting.  ASJA International will likewise send a delegation to the meeting.  A welcome dinner will be tendered in honor of the visiting Governors and ASJA officials on January 23.  The meeting, which will take up the entire day, will conclude with the PHILFEJA Shinnen Kai 新年会to be held at the Philippines-Japan Friendship Hall, Dominion Building, Makati.  The 2015 PHILFEJA Shinnen Kai is specifically timed to coincide with the ASCOJA meeting to enable PHILFEJA, ASCOJA and ASJA members to meet and interact with each other.

This activity is being organized by the PHILFEJA Secretariat led by Secretary-General Cecile Tolentino with the support of Special Project Managers, Mrs. Marilen Loinaz and Mrs. Gennie Ferma.  Event Managers are Ms. Kelly Biscarra and Ms. Gen Hieida.


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